Online File Conversion Service

Members of the Hampshire community are welcome to use the Robobraille file conversion service, which takes a file that you upload and converts it into the alternate format of your choice.


  • Convert a scan of a book in PDF format into an editable Word document.
  • Convert a PDF or Word Document into an audio MP3 file.
  • Convert a Powerpoint into an accessible PDF.

Frequent Robobraille user? Make sure you use the updated link below! The Robobraille service has updated, and now works for larger files, and multiple files at once.

Convert a file with Robobraille

View matrix of file conversion possibilities

Here's a video about how this service works. FYI: Sensus Access is the parent company of Robobraille, and they use the names interchangeably. 

Accessible Course Materials Guide for Faculty