Announcements and Events Calendar

Hampshire announcements and events are located on the Intranet. Any student, faculty, or staff member may submit an announcement or event, which may be promoted to students, faculty, and/or staff. Announcements and events are displayed on the Intranet page and emailed out in a digest format each morning.


Submitting Announcements and Events

Check out the Intranet help section for instructions on posting announcements and events to the Intranet website, campus calendar, and Daily Digest.


Important Announcements

Certain personnel have access to submit important announcements. This allows them to generate an announcement, which is directed toward any or all of the audiences, and is sent out via email as soon as it is submitted instead of waiting to be included in the following day's digest. In addition, such announcements will be flagged as important on the Intranet main page.

Featured Announcements

Certain personnel in the President's Office and the Communications Office have access to submit featured announcements. Snippets from featured announcements will appear in a highlighted box above the usual home page content on the Intranet website. The same snippets will also appear at the top of corresponding Daily Digest emails.