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Classroom Equipment Troubleshooting

The best way to avoid projection issues is to test the room ahead of time with your laptop.

Press the Input Button Again on the Wall Controller

  • Press the proper button (ie “laptop” or “DVD”) again on the control panel, firmly, and hold in for one second.

Check Cable and Adapter Connections at Both Ends

  • Make sure cables connected to computer and/or DVD player, and to the wall.
  • Unplug laptop cables, FIRMLY attach mac adapter to video cable, THEN plug dongle into computer.
    • Don’t attach dongle to computer and then attach cable.
  • Make sure Mac adapter isn’t coming loose on you as you work.

Check Your Computer's Display Settings

  • Ideal resolution for most rooms is 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720
  • Macs: Go to your System Preferences, and then Displays
    • Check your mirroring options under Arrangement
  • Windows: Press Windows Key + P to select mirrored display or extended display
    • To adjust resolution go to Control Panel > Monitors (usually)
  • Mac users experiencing dark-looking images or videos should check their color settings as well.

For Audio Issues

  • Make sure laptop audio cable is plugged in (if using VGA)
  • Adjust volume knob on wall controller very slowly
  • Check volume settings on your computer
  • Check volume settings within the program you are using, ie YouTube or iTunes
  • If using HDMI, go into your computer's sound settings and set it to use HDMI for audio output

Powerpoint or Presentation Issues

  • In Powerpoint, go to Slide Show > Settings or Set Up Show.
  • You can choose to mirror screens, or not. Click "Screen..." or "Screen settings" to choose the primary screen for the slides.

iTunes Video Issues

  • On newer computers, iTunes may refuse to project a video when the computer is connected with the VGA cable. It WILL work if you connect the computer to an HDMI cable which many classrooms have. See our contact info below for help with this issue if it arises. 

Still Having Trouble?

For immediate help during business hours (M-F, 8:30-4:30) please call the help desk at 413.559.5418.

To report a non-urgent issue or request a training session, please submit an IT ticket on TheHub.

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