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Classroom TV Instructions

The Kern Center classrooms and the Airport Lounge have large-screen TV's instead of projectors. Here are some tips on using them!

Connect a Mac

Connect a PC

Use the Apple TV for Wireless Connection

Note that since these TV's are HDMI-only, they will only work with the following types of computers:

  • PCs or Macs with HDMI ports (they tend to be the newer models)
  • Macs from mid-2010 and onward that have MiniDisplayport outputs
    • You will need a MiniDisplayport to HDMI adapter which can be checked out from the Dakin/Merrill area office. You can also buy one online for about $10.
    • If you have an early 2010 or older Mac with MiniDisplayport you will have video but no audio.

a PC laptop with HDMI port, Mac with MiniDisplayport

If this poses a major problem for you, please email Thanks!

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