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Creating Appointments and Meetings

Creating an Appointment

An appointment is an item that appears on your calendar only. It does not involve other people's calendars. If more than one person is invited it is referred to as a "meeting," but the initial steps for creating the appointment are the same.

Here are a few different ways you can add appointments:

  • If you're in a day or week view of the calendar, click and drag the time period for which you want to create the appointment. Don't worry if you're not exact--you'll have an opportunity to correct the time.
  • If you're in the month view of the calendar, first click on the day of the appointment, and then drag out the time period as described above.
  • Right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac) on the time you want the appointment.
  • Select "New Appointment" from the "New" menu in the top left corner of the calendar pane.

Once you've chosen one of the above methods, enter the appropriate times for starting and ending the appointment, if necessary. Other options include:

  • Setting it as an all-day event, which will be displayed in the banner at the top of the day.
  • Setting a reminder at a designated interval before the meeting.
  • Setting the meeting to block your time, or not.
  • Set the meeting as tentative.
  • Make it a repeating meeting.
  • Set it as private, so that it is visible only as busy time (no details) to viewers of your calendar.
  • Add notes or attach documents to the appointment (if you're in the QuickAdd appointment box, click "More Details?" to see these).

Creating a Meeting

Setting up a meeting involves the above initial steps for setting up a regular appointment. Once you've got the basics (description and tentative date/time) set up you can go ahead and set the details needed to create the meeting invitation.

  1. Follow the steps above to create an appointment
  2. If you're in the QuickAdd dialog box, select "More Details?"
  3. Click on the "Find Attendees" tab. You will be searching the "Global Address List," which is the default setting.
  4. Type the first few letters of the person's name or HampNet ID into the search box, and click on "Search." You will be presented with a list of matching Hampshire Zimbra users; select the appropriate one and then click "Add." Repeat until you have added all attendees. *
  5. Now click on the "Schedule" tab. You will see a graphic representation of each invitee's free, busy, and tentative time. The meeting time you've entered will be shown as a green bar (beginning of meeting) and red bar (end of meeting). Now that you can see everyone's availability, you can adjust the time and/or date of the meeting to a mutually available one.
    • If you're having trouble finding a time that works for everyone, use the "Show Suggestions" link on the left to have Zimbra suggest some times that work.
    • If you have some guests who are optional attendees (and whose availability thus is not essential), click on "Show Optional" and enter them in that box instead of the "Attendees" box.
  6. If you do not want to receive confirmations from invitees, return to the "Appointment Details" tab and make sure the "Request Responses" box is unchecked (the default is to request responses).
  7. When your details are all set, click on the "Send" button in the top left hand corner, and emails will be sent to the invitees; if you want to save the work you've done but not yet send out the invitations use the "Save" button instead--just remember to come back and finish it later!
  8. If you've requested responses you can view the current status by returning to the "Schedule" tab.

 *If you have synchronized contacts with Zimbra you may have non-Zimbra Hampshire email addresses in this list. When you invite people to an appointment you must use their "connect" addresses, for instance "". If you use their standard email addresses without "connect" they will not be invited and no error message will be reported to you.

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