Conference Calling

Video Conferencing

Please view our Quick Guide to Video Conferencing for video conferencing specifics.

Phone Conference Calling

We have a conference calling service available through Windstream, our long-distance provider. This allows multiple people in different locations to talk to each other at the same time. Calls can even be recorded and the recordings accessed online. Contact the help desk for conference call set up and access instructions.

Conference Phones

Media Services has a conference phone available for checkout if you need to make a phone call from on-campus with a group. Check the table below for the type of conference phone you need, and then call 413.559.5435 to reserve it.  There are two type of conference phones, analog and Voice over IP (VoiP), and the type that you need depends on the port(s) available in the room. Check the table below to find out.

Building Room Location(s) VoiP or Analog Analog Extension
ASH 111 West wall, under computer desk VoiP  
221 East wall, behind chairs, 4 feet right of windows, port 77 VoiP  
137 East wall, below whiteboard VoiP  
CASA Conference Room North wall, below window Analog 6132
Cole 101 South wall, above table, left port VoiP  
South wall, above table, right port Analog 5791
103 Northwest corner Analog 6088
202 South wall, left of projector screen VoiP  
CMC-3rd East wall, port 33, between doors VoiP  
EDH 4 West wall Analog 5381
FPH 109 West wall Analog 6147
East Lecture Hall North wall Analog  6080
Glazer Lounge North wall, behind sofa VoiP  
Faculty Lounge West wall, below wall control panel VoiP  
Analog 6080
Kern 106 West wall VoiP  
108 North wall VoiP  
202 South wall, below whiteboard VoiP  
Lemelson Conference/
North wall, next to door, port 19 Analog 6127
North wall, closer to whiteboard, port 20 Analog 6661
West wall, below whiteboard right, port 18 Analog 5709
West wall, below whiteboard left, port 16 Analog 6129
Library 3rd Floor
Training Room
North wall, near printer VoiP  
Hill Urbina West wall, between door and window VoiP  
East wall, next to cabinet Analog 6841
2nd Floor
Training Room
East wall, near desk VoiP 6222
South wall, near desk Analog 5710
Liebling 131 North wall, behind computer  VoiP  
114 West wall, to right of door VoiP  
Music and Dance Christopher Young Music Room West wall, near corner Voip  
Red Barn Red Barn Auditorium Under Stairs Voip  
Writing Center Living Room East wall, next to literature table Analog 5712


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