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Syncing Zimbra

Desktop Instructions (pdf)

Windows 8 Phone Instructions (pdf)

Sync Zimbra with iCal

If you use Mac OS X 10.5 or newer, then you can use the iCal interface to interact with Zimbra. This can be a nice feature in and of itself, but it also provides a way for Blackberry devices to synchronize with Zimbra, albeit indirectly.

To set up iCal to synchronize with Zimbra:

  1. Launch iCal.
  2. Select iCal-->Preferences, and then click on "Accounts."
  3. Click on the "+" at the bottom left of the window to add a new account.
  4. Enter a description (such as "Zimbra Calendar").
  5. For a username, enter your Hampnet ID (mine, for instance, is "kmmLO")
  6. Enter your Hampnet password (this is the password you use when logging onto WebMail or the Intranet, for instance).
  7. Click the triangle to the left of "Server Options," and then enter "connect.hampshire.edu" for the Account URL. Do not check Kerberos authentication.
  8. Click "Add." If you receive a message that you are connecting in an insecure manner, select "Connect Anyway." If you are prompted to store the information in your keychain, select the option you prefer.
  9. When you have been successfully connected to the server, you will have an option to set the frequency of synchronizing your calendars.  Select the timeframe that best suits your work style.

Sync Zimbra with iPhone or iPad

From the main screen, select "Settings"

From the main screen select Settings

Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar

Select "Microsoft Exchange"

Select Microsoft Exchange

Email is your email reply address (e.g. kmmLO@connect.hampshire.edu).
The server is connect.hampshire.edu. Note that you may not have the opportunity to fill this in until you try to advance to the next screen.
Leave Domain blank.
Username is your HampNet username, e.g. kmmLO.
Password is your HampNet password.
Description is purely cosmetic, so a name such as "Zimbra" would be appropriate.

Use these settings

Finally, decide what you want to synchronize. You likely won't want to synchronize mail since Zimbra email is only used for meeting invites.

Use these settings

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