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Transferring Google Drive to a New Google Account

If you have been using a Google Drive account with your email address or alias as your login, you must create a new Google account with a different email address in order to retain your files. Be sure to read everything below so you can learn how to access, then move your Google Drive files safely.

Please do this from a computer (not an iPad, phone, or similar device) and preferably using the Google Chrome web browser. If you have already logged in to, you should log in to your Google account by visiting using an incognito window (in Chrome click File, then New Incognito window). You should be greeted by a screen similar to the one below:

You must choose to create an account with an email address that is not a Hampshire College address. You can create a Gmail account for this purpose by selecting the top option, or use an existing personal (not Gmail) email address, which is the 2nd option. Select your preferred option and follow the steps as prompted. Once this process is complete, your Google Drive documents and sharing settings will be saved over to the new Google account.

You may wish to transfer your Google Drive files to your new Hampshire Google Apps for Education (GAE) account. To do this you must first download the files to your computer and then upload them into your new Hampshire GAE account. Note that once you download and upload these files, while the files themselves will be transferred over, your sharing settings will not be transferred, and you will need to share them again.

Our colleagues at Amherst College have written a thorough set of instructions, so rather than reinventing the wheel, allow us to refer you to them: Amherst College - move files between google accounts Just mentally substitute "Hampshire" for "Amherst" where appropriate.

Please contact us at the IT Help Desk at if you run into problems with this transition.

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