Virus and Security

While Hampshire's information technology department is responsible for maintaining a secure electronic environment, everyone is responsible for handling information in all formats according to state, federal, and College policies and procedures.

Information is an asset that exists in many forms: written, spoken, electronic. Whatever form the information takes, it needs to be appropriately protected. In an increasingly interconnected global environment, adequate protection of information involves a number of steps, including policies, processes, procedures, and software and hardware controls.

Password Security

How to pick a great password, and keep it safe!


Every year Hampshire employees and students fall for phishing scams, compromising our email systems and security. Find out how to avoid these common schemes.

Safe Computing

Protect yourself from online hazards and predators.

Virus Protection and Prevention

Get anti-virus software and get tips on avoiding viruses in the first place.

Security Policies

Hampshire has policies governing how we store and transmit data. If you work here, you need to be aware of them.

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