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Web Accessibility Standards

Hampshire strives to make all websites and services accessible.


When you edit or create content for Hampshire's online presence, keep the following standards in mind.

  • Documents or pdfs posted online should have text that is selectable and/or searchable by a computer.
  • Use headings and lists to give structure to web pages.
  • Use meaningful text for hyperlinks. Instead of "Click here to go to the Hampshire website," write "Visit the Hampshire website," or something very similar.
  • All images should include alt-text describing the image. 
  • Don't use color, size, or shape as the sole means of conveying meaning.
  • Videos: When you have a video to be posted on the Hampshire website or shared widely with the community, include captions. Fill out this form to request captioning for your video.

Web Accessibility Resources

To learn more about web accessibility from the experts, please visit WebAIM's introduction to web accessibility.

Additional information about web accessibility standards can be found here: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA.

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