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Zimbra Calendar

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About Zimbra

ZimbraZimbra is an integrated web calendar, contact, and email application. Faculty, staff and students use Zimbra for personal and departmental calendaring, making it easier to schedule appointments and meetings with colleagues. Some of the advantages that Zimbra calendar provides:

  • Support for Mac OS, Windows, Linux.
  • It's a web application, which provides universal access
  • Automatic syncing with iOS and Android devices
  • Sharing of calendars at the owner's discretion
  • Visual representation of free/busy times for requested meeting attendees
  • Syncing with .ics (including iCal) calendars

Zimbra has an email module built into it that is used to send messages when you invite people to meetings or share your calendar with them. At this time we are supporting Zimbra mail only for these uses. Please continue to use your regular Hampshire email for all other uses.

Accessing Zimbra

Once your Hampshire College account has been created and activated, you can go to https://connect.hampshire.edu and log in to automatically create a Zimbra account. The first time you go to the Zimbra webpage you may receive a message about the security certificate; in this case, you should confirm the security exception.

Zimbra accounts include an additional email address, but we use that only for Zimbra calendaring notifications. We suggest automatically forwarding Zimbra messages to the corresponding Hampshire email account so you will see the Zimbra messages right away. Forwarding can be set up in your Zimbra preferences in the Mail section. Please note that you cannot act upon a Zimbra notification that has been forwarded to your regular email account. You must accept or decline invitations, shares etc. using the original message in the Zimbra client email tab.

Be aware that Zimbra email addresses are a little different from regular Hampshire email addresses: They have "connect" added before "hampshire.edu"; for example, "kmmLO@connect.hampshire.edu." It's important that when you use Zimbra to invite people to meetings that you use their "connect" email addresses, not their regular email addresses.

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