Lab Safety Manual: Record Keeping


rev 7/2012

10.1 Inspection Reports

Records of lab inspection reports are kept by the lab manager. Inspection reports include:

  • Laboratory safety audits
  • Fume and biological hood operation evaluation.
  • Emergency and safety equipment checks

Hazardous waste inspection reports are kept by the environmental health and safety office.

10.2 Records of Training

The lab manager keeps training documentation. Training records will include:

  • Name of trainer and date of class
  • Type of training and materials covered in the training
  • Names and signatures of attendees
  • Attendance at school meeting

10.3 Accident, Injury, and Fire Reports

Reports will be prepared for any accident, injury, or fire occurring in the CSC. These reports will be prepared by CSC faculty, the lab manager, or EH&S office depending on the incident. Reports identify the people involved with the accident, what happened, if it was an emergency situation, and any action(s) taken by CSC personnel or emergency personnel including: Hampshire College's EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) service; Campus Safety and Wellbeing or environmental health and safety; Amherst Police Department or Amherst Fire Department; or emergency responders. Copies of the accident report will go to the CSC safety committee, NS administrative offices, and the EH&S office. Medical privacy and personal privacy rights will be complied with regarding the distribution, review, and filing of these reports.

10.4 Exposure and Medical Records

Employees have a right to access relevant occupational health exposure and medical records. Each employee exposure record(s) is kept for thirty years. 

Examples of exposure records include:

  • Workplace monitoring for toxic substances or harmful physical agents
  • Biological monitoring that directly assesses absorption of a toxic substance or harmful physical agent
  • MSDS or chemical inventory

Examples of medical records include:

  • Physical examinations
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Medical diagnoses, x-rays, and laboratory reports
  • First aid records

Requests for access to personal medical records must include: (1) identification of the record(s) requested; (2) a statement of the occupational health need for gaining access to these records; and, (3) consent of  the employee or affected individual for that access.

After a request has been processed, the requester will receive the information requested within 15 days, or else a formal reply will be provided including a timeline as to when information will be available. All information requests must be made in writing to the chief of Campus Safety and Wellbeing. The CSC safety committee will be notified of any requests. A copy of the OSHA standard (29 CFR 1910.1020) pertaining to access to exposure and medical records is available in the EH&S office.