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A Documentary History of Hampshire College, Vol. 1: 1965-1975

Compiled and edited by Susan A. Dayall


This documentary history is an attempt to compile, from various archival sources, important documents in the history of Hampshire College. In gathering them, my objective has been to remember who we are, and what we are about. The history of Hampshire College is a tale spoken in many voices; nowhere is this more apparent than in the original sources contained in the College Archives. Since this collection includes documents from 1965 through 1975, many of these papers represent the original hopes for the College, from many points of view. Some shed light on the origins of Hampshire institutions, some represent periods of conflict and contention, while others merely enable us to laugh at ourselves.

For reasons of space I have excerpted all but the shortest of these documents. My aim was to present some of the main points as well as giving a taste of the flavor of each work. The full sources are easily accessible in the College Archives as part of a Documentary History Collection assembled in the course of producing this work. I hope that this work will make the history of the College more accessible to new generations of Hampshire students, faculty, staff and friends.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Precursors                       
    The proposed college in Hampshire County in 1762. (1936)
    The New College plan: a proposal for a major departure in higher education. (1958)
    Student reactions to study facilities, with implications for architects and college administrators. (1960)
    More power to them: a report of faculty and student experience in the encouragement of student initiative. (1962)

Chapter 2. Planning in Earnest                   
    Report of the Educational Advisory Committee to the President of Hampshire College. (1966)
    Hampshire College Conference: a report. (1966)
    The Making of a College: growth in a major academic community. (1966)

Chapter 3. The Physical Campus: Land, Landowners, and Buildings   
    Site Evaluation. (1966)
    Hampshire College (Architectural Plans). (1970)
    Interview with Howard Atkins, Robert and Cornelia Stiles, and Andy Weneczek. (1970)
    The Planning and Beginning of Hampshire College. (1975)
    The Holyoke Range Report. (1974)

Chapter 4. Fund Raising/Financial Planning               
    Harold F. Johnson. (1965)
    Smith, Kline and French. (1969)
    Self-Study Report: Seeking Financial Stability. (1974)

Chapter 5. The Enterprise Begins                   
    Reflections of an Inaugural Convocation. (1970)
    First Hampshire College Catalog. (1970)
    The First Commencement Address. (1971)

Chapter 6. Student Life/Houses                   
    A (Student) Proposal for Hampshire College. (1966)
    The House Plan at Hampshire College. (1969)
    Hampshire Fellows. (1969)
    The Magazine. (1971)
    Chuck's All-Nite Truck Stop n' College. (1973)
    Self-Study Report: Strengths and Weaknesses in the Area of Student Life. (1974)

Chapter 7. Governance                       
    Auspices from the I Ching. (1970)
    The Constitution of Hampshire College. (1970)
    Report on the Remaking of Hampshire Governance. (1974)
    Self-Study Report: Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses. (1974)
    Preliminary Report of the Constitutional Reform Committee. (1975)

Chapter 8. Staff                           
    Staff Recollections of the Early Days (1970)
    Bug Memo. (1973)
    Staff Union Drive. (1974)

Chapter 9. Origins of Hampshire Institutions           
    Statement at Groundbreaking. (1968)
    The Motto Memo. (1968)
    The Tree of Hampshire College. (1968)

Chapter 10. Educational Policy and Programs               
    Special Approaches to Women's Education. (1969)
    Notes on Admissions. (1969)
    Notes on Law Study. (1969)
    Foreign Studies. (1969)
    Self-Study Report. (1974)
    Human Development Program. (1975)

Chapter 11. Origins of the Four Schools               
    The Proper Study of Mankind--Reconsidered. (1969)
    Man in Situ. (1969)
    Arches of Knowledge. (1969)
    A Proposal for a School of Language and Communication (1972)

Chapter 12. Faculty                           
    The Portable Advisor. (1973)
    Self-Study Report: Faculty Contract Employment (1974)
    Employment by Faculty Contract (1975)

Chapter 13. Political Activism                   
    Occupation of Cole Science Center. (1972)
    Liberal Corporation or Radical Collective. (1973)
    Student Work Program Proposal. (1974)

Chapter 14. Library and Computer Use                   
    The Hampshire College Library. (1969)
    Computers and Computer Use. (1969)
    User Preparation of Checks for the Check Reconciliation System. (1973)


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