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A Documentary History of Hampshire College, Vol. 2: 1975-1985

Compiled and edited by Susan A. Dayall


This second volume of the Documentary History of Hampshire College is centered on the Ten Year Review of the College, a study in which the entire community participated, which examined the first full decade of the College's operation. By this time, the initial planning for the College had been tested in actual operation, and various stresses and problems with the program had become apparent. True to the hope of one of the initial planners, who urged Hampshire to be a "deciduous" college, various modifications to the program were discussed and made, a process not without controversy and contention. The recommendations of the Krukowski report, a marketing study done for admissions, were highly controversial, addressing as they did, the "image" of the College, and the manner of its presentation to the outside world.

In addition to its own program, the history of the College reflects the concern of community members for problems inherent in society at large: racism and homophobia, divestment, first from South Africa and later from weapons producers, the hazards of nuclear power. Hampshire community involvement in these issues, it seems to me, represents a true embodiment of the College's motto, "Non satis scire," "It is not enough to know."

I hope I have gathered and presented an illuminating series of documents from the College Archives.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Academic Program and Planning, 1978-1981
        Self-Study Report for Accreditation (1978)
        Report of the Retention Task Force (1978)
        Proseminar Proposal (1979)
        Course Guide (1981)

Chapter 2. Ten Year Review
        Modes of Inquiry: A Report on Division I at Hampshire (1981)
        Progress by Examination (1981)
        Ways and Byways through Hampshire: A Report to the College
            Community (1981)
        A Study of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching at Hampshire
            College (1981)
        Hampshire and Pointed Firs: The Employment of Faculty by Term
            Contracts (1981)
        Science Education at Hampshire College (Women and Science) (1981).
        Hampshire Alumni and Alumnae: What They Are Doing and What
            They Say About the College (1981)

Chapter 3. Academic Program and Planning, 1982-1985
        Final Report of the Long Range Planning Committee (1982)
        Krukowski Report (1982)
        Two-course Option for Division I (1984)
        Third World Expectation (1984-85)

Chapter 4. Hampshire Landuse and An Original Landowner
        Proposal for a New England Farm Center (1978)
        Hampshire Forest (1979)
        Hampshire College Landscape Study (1983)
        The Popcorn Prince Remembers (1984)

Chapter 5. Dealing with Intractable Problems: Racism and Homophobia
        Holmquist Report (1978)
        Task Force on Sexual Preference (1984)
        Holmquist Report Review Committee (1983)
Chapter 6. Divestment
        Occupation of Cole Science Center (1977)
        Occupation of Cole Science Center (1982)
        Divestment (for the Faculty Meeting) (1983)
        Hampshire College Report on Socially Responsible
            Investment (1983)

Chapter 7. Student Activism
        Meltdown at Montague (1978)
        Working Paper: Is the Experiment Over? (1980)
        Rediscovering the Roots of the Hampshire Tree (1983)

Chapter 8. Student Life and the Houses
        Task Force on the Houses (1976)
        Observations of Squashed Cockroach Testes (1981)
        John Dwork, Degree in Frisbee (1983)
        Taking Root (1985)



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