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A Documentary History of Hampshire College, Vol. 4: 1995-2005

Compiled and edited by Susan A. Dayall


This fourth volume of the Documentary History of Hampshire College covers a decade of many changes, both at the College (the new First Year Plan, School Reorganization) and nationally (September 11 and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq). True to our motto, Non Satis Scire, Hampshire students, faculty, and staff worked to make a positive impact within our own community and farther afield; many of those efforts are chronicled in these historical documents.

The Division I program at Hampshire was examined and reworked by the faculty; a student movement, the Re-Radicalization of Hampshire, was founded to redress a balance which students saw as tipping too much toward standard academic procedure. The faculty reorganized themselves into five schools; the staff went through a unionization campaign. A new constitution was approved by Community Council, Faculty Meeting, and the trustees; a new museum came to campus. Reports on faculty workload, student retention, marketing and a sustainable campus plan were issued, and reflections of faculty and staff at the 30th anniversary of the college's opening were gathered for publication. Throughout, the struggle for diversity and social justice remained a common theme.

I hope I have gathered a set of documents that illuminate our history during this decade.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Academic Program
    The Logo (1996)
    EPEC (1997)
    Multiple Cultural Perspectives Requirement (2000)
    New First Year Plan (2001)
    First Year Plan in Effect (2003)
    The Re-Radicalization of Hampshire College (2004)

Chapter 2. September 11, 2001 and Anti-War Protests
    September 11, 2001 (2001)
    Flag burning in Amherst (2001)
    Students for a Peaceful Response Vote (2001)
    War With Iraq: Student Strike (2003)

Chapter 3. The Faculty
    School Restructuring (1998)
    Legacies of Eqbal Ahmad (1999)
    Faculty Workload Task Force (2005)

Chapter 4. The Staff
    Romney Report (1996)
    AdCom Rejects Change Team Recommendations (1997)
    Staff Union Drive (1998)
    Carol and Blair Brown Awards (1999)

Chapter 5. Diversity at Hampshire
    Draft Diversity/Affirmative Action Plan (1996)
    Queer Community Alliance Revitalized (2000)
    Hampshire's Multicultural Center (2001)
    Protest by Students of Color (2002)
    Censorship at Hampshire College (2003)

Chapter 6. Programs and a Museum
    Lemelson Program (1996)
    Civil Liberties and Public Policy Narrative Report (1996)
    Civil Liberties and Public Policy Mission Statement (2000)
    Eric Carle Museum (2002)

Chapter 7: Planning and Governance
    Hampshire College Constitution (1998)
    Hampshire College Strategic Planning (2000)
    Sustainable Campus Plan (2001)
    Hampshire College Long Range Plan (2002)

Chapter 8: Students
    Hampshire Survival Tips (1996)
    On Windmills (1997)
    Fire in Prescott (2000)
    It's a "Mod, Mod" World (2003)
    Student Protest re: Smoking Ban/Democracy Day (2004)

Chapter 9: Evaluations and Studies
    NEASC Self-Study (1997)
    NEASC Accreditation Report (1997)
    Maguire Associates Marketing Study (1997)
    Retention Committee Report (2001)

Chapter 10: History of Hampshire College
    Mixed Nuts Food Coop: a History (1996)
    Cultivating the Agricultural Heritage of Hampshire College (1998)
    The Way We Were: Hampshire College, the Founding Years (2000)
    You Must Remember This (2000)



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