The Div III Archive: Submission Instructions

Preserve your Div III and make it accessible to future Div III students by submitting a copy to the library’s Div III Archive.

The Div III Archive, maintained by the Harold F. Johnson Library at Hampshire College, preserves and provides access to Div III works in perpetuity. Works are submitted by their creators. The digital Div III Archive contains works from 2006 to the present. Print copies of text-based Div III projects submitted to the library by students from 1971-2014 are available on the second floor of the library, or in the Div III Showcase on the library's main floor. All works can be located in the library catalog.

The work you submit should be the one approved by your Div III Committee.

Submit your work to the Div III Archive

Works submitted electronically are made accessible through the Five College Compass: Digital Collections, which acquires, preserves, and presents the scholarly and creative work of the Hampshire community, as well as digitized and born-digital materials from the Hampshire College Archives and Special Collections in partnership with Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges.

Add your file(s)

Choose your file and upload it. Save your files in a supported format. Open file formats are best suited to long-term preservation and access. Use the submission form appropriate for your file type: 

PDF Submission   Media and Multifile Submission

  • PDF submission: text or mixed media, single PDF file, up to 4 GB.
  • Media and multi-file submission: image (TIFF, JPEG), audio (WAV, MP3), video (MPEG, AVI, MOV), text (TXT, PDF), compressed (ZIP). You may upload multiple files and types, up to 4 GB per file.
  • Don’t see your file format? Check out the FAQ below or contact the archives.

Describe your work

  1. Title: The title of your Div III work as it appears on the title page or other documentation.  
  2. Creator: Your preferred name is entered here. You may edit this field to match the name on your Div III. 
  3. Chairperson(s): Name(s) of person who chaired this Div III committee. Enter each additional name on a different line.
  4. Committee members: Names of persons on the committee for this Div III work. Enter each additional name on a different line.
  5. School affiliation: The interdisciplinary school at Hampshire that your degree is affiliated with. Choices are:
    • Cognitive Science (CS)
    • Critical Social Inquiry (CSI)
    • Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies (HACU)
    • Interdisciplinary Arts (IA)
    • Natural Science (NS)
  6. Graduation date: The date you will graduate or have graduated from Hampshire. You may enter month and year. The day is not required and will default to 1.
  7. Abstract: You are required to include an abstract. An abstract is a mini-introduction to your work. Generally one to two paragraphs in length, it explains the purpose, method, and scope of your work to your reader. You can also visit the Writing Center for help with writing an abstract.
  8. Keywords: Provide 3 to 5 words or phrases that describe your work as a whole. Avoid focusing on minute concepts. As a rule of thumb, any keyword you choose should describe at least 20% of your work. What words or phrases would you use if you were searching for this work online? Use keywords that will be recognized by other researchers in your discipline(s). Enter each keyword or phrase on a different line. Examples: fiction, poetry, contemporary poetry, animation, film, revolution, postcolonial, textiles, lobster behavior, computational modeling.
  9. Language: Select the primary language of your work.

Determine the appropriate level of access for your Div III

  • Online Access: Grants permission to Hampshire College to provide unrestricted online access to your work. Anyone with a connection to the Internet will have access. You will also be able to link to your work using the handle (permanent URL) generated for it.
  • Community-Only Access: Grants permission to Hampshire College to provide access to your work exclusively to users with valid Hampshire login credentials. This may include current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The descriptive record for your work (including title, author, abstract, subject, etc.) will appear in the online Div III Archive and in the library catalog, but users without a valid Hampshire login will be unable to access the file(s). This access level may be the most appropriate for Div IIIs with sensitive data or content.

Copyright and license


As author, you hold the copyright to your Division III. In submitting your work to the Division III Archive, you retain copyright, but will grant Hampshire College a non-exclusive distribution license allowing us to host, preserve, and make publicly accessible your Div III. You must also certify the following:
  • That your Div III, and any accompanying material, is an original work, and does not infringe upon any third party’s copyright, such as illustrations or images, OR:
  • That your Div III, and/or any accompanying material, does contain third party content for which you do not hold copyright, that if it does, it is included on the basis of fair use, AND:
    • This content has been clearly identified and acknowledged; AND the content has been used within the bounds of the Fair Use exemption of U.S. Copyright law (17 USC 107), OR:
    • You have documented that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to grant Hampshire the rights required by the Deposit License in the Div III submission process.

Non-exclusive license 

By submitting this license, you (as the author(s) or copyright owner) grant Hampshire College the non-exclusive license to reproduce, translate (as defined below), and/or distribute your submission (including the abstract) in print and electronic format and in any medium, including but not limited to audio or video.
You agree that Hampshire College may, without changing the content, translate the submission to any medium or format for the purpose of preservation. 
You also agree that Hampshire College may keep more than one copy of this submission for purposes of security, backup, and preservation. 
If the submission is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than Hampshire College, you represent that you have fulfilled any right of review or other obligations required by such contract or agreement. 
Hampshire College will clearly identify your name(s) as the author(s) or owner(s) of the submission, and will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this license, to your submission.

Remember to click the "submit" button at the end of the form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our common questions are answered below. For more information contact the archives.

What if I have an analog (non-digital) submission?

Students may prefer to submit a physical copy of their Div III to the library. Examples might include print copies of papers; portfolios; films; or analog audio or video.

  1. Describe your work, choose access level, and agree to non-exclusive license using the alternative submission form.
  2. Deliver your work to the library by:
    • Dropping it off at the InfoBar OR
    • Mailing it to:
      Hampshire College Archives and Special Collections
      Harold F. Johnson Library, Hampshire College
      893 West Street
      Amherst, MA 01002-3359

My Div III was an exhibition/performance/installation, not a paper. What can I submit to the Division III Archive?

Submit documentation that allows your work to be understood and contextualized by future researchers. An abstract of your Div III is an essential starting point. Depending on the nature of your work, documentation might include photographs, audio, or video of the event; postcards or posters advertising the event; and/or drawings or other specifications that illustrate or describe components (for example, of an installation). These can be combined in a PDF for easy submission and to preserve your formatting. Still unsure of what to submit? Contact the archives to discuss possibilities.

What if my file is more than 4GB?

If your work is larger than 4GB, consider making multiple files, re-formatting, or compressing the file for online access. Get in touch with us if you need any help. You may also:

  1. Describe your work, choose access level, and agree to non-exclusive license using the alternative submission form.
  2. Deliver your work to the library by:
    • Stopping by media services or advanced media (for sound and moving image works).
    • Dropping off at the InfoBar a DVD or flash drive containing the files OR
    • Mailing a DVD or flash drive with the files to:
      Hampshire College Archives and Special Collections
      Harold F. Johnson Library, Hampshire College
      893 West Street
      Amherst, MA 01002-3359

Do I retain copyright of my work if I submit it to the Div III Archive?

Absolutely! In submitting your work to the Div III Archive, you are simply granting Hampshire College a non-exclusive distribution license to host your work, make it accessible, and copy it for the purposes of preservation.

Is it possible to change level of access once I’ve submitted my Div III?

Certainly. You may decide to change from community-only access to open access, or vice-versa. Contact us and we’ll apply the change.

I’m an alum. Can I still submit my thesis to the Div III Archive?

Yes! First you will need an active email address, then you can use the submissions processes above. To activate or reactivate contact the IT Help Desk.