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Division III Online Archive Contains full text copies of Hampshire College Division III exams, 2006-present. Some DIV IIIs are restricted to the Hampshire community and require a Hampshire login for access.

Hampshire Archives Institutional Repository All of Hampshire's digital archives collections are part of a repository shared with Smith and Mount Holyoke College. Search across all three institutions or limit your research to Hampshire's collections.

PDF Documents

The New College Plan Produced by a committee of faculty from Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, this 1958 report is one of the original founding documents for Hampshire College.

The Making of a College Written by Franklin Patterson and Charles R. Longsworth (Hampshire's first two presidents), this is the original educational blueprint for the College. First published in 1966, this is the text of the 1975 edition.

The 1998 Constitution of Hampshire College The outline of the current governance system for the College.

Making of a College 2.0 Hampshire's fifth President, Ralph J. Hexter, reimagined the possibilities in an already innovative liberal arts college. Later versions include Making of a College 2.2 and Strategic Planning, Making of a College 2.1, and Making of a College 2.1 and Radicalism.