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Library Staff

Library Office  
Jennifer Gunter King Director of the Library 413.559.5765
Tatjana Mackin Library Office Assistant 413.559.6691
Angelina Altobellis Archivist and Collections Curator 413.559.6892
Jocelyn Edens Kress Curatorial Fellow 413.559.5629
Media Services and Advanced Media  
Neil Young Manager of Media Services 413.559.5538
John Gunther Manager for Advanced Media 413.559.5713
Matt Newman Media Services Production Coordinator 413.559.5537
John Bruner New Media Production Technician 413.559.5326
Chris Tamma Media Services Assistant 413.559.5538
Public Services/Circulation  
Rachel Beckwith Access and Arts Librarian 413.559.5433
Suzanne Karanikis Circulation Supervisor 413.559.5762
Courtney Crosby Evening Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Assistant 413.559.5475
Beverly Hindle Reserves Assistant 413.559.5764
Subject  Librarians  
Rachel Beckwith Access and Arts Librarian 413.559.5433
Alana Kumbier Critical Social Inquiry and Digital Pedagogy Librarian 413.559.5704
Bonnie Vigeland Humanities Librarian 413.559.5649
Heather McCann Interdisciplinary Science Librarian 413.559.6224
Technical Services    
Abigail Baines Systems and Discovery Librarian 413.559.5766
Anne Macon Serials Specialist 413.559.6696
Jane Pickles Acquisitions and Cataloging 413.559.5434


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