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Mettler Published Material

Barbara Mettler published many original works on creative dance through her own Mettler Studios. The following works are available for download as pdfs.

Revolutionary Dancing. Barbara [Mettler]. Eteenpain. v. 14(59), Mar. 13, 1934. This brief article dates from Barbara Mettler's early time teaching in New York City.

Creative Dance for Children. Marcia Eastman. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1954. Documents Barbara Mettler teaching a series of introductory classes to children at the Meadowbrook Camp in the summer of 1952.

Basic Dance on a College Level. Barbara Mettler and June Warner. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1954. A transcription of a workshop given at Goddard College, this book reproduces an early intensive series of instruction sessions given by Barbara Mettler while she was on tour with her dance company.

Materials of Dance as a Creative Art Activity. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1960, 1979. An extensive handbook for teachers and students, this work presents exercises and lessons in creative dance.

This is Creative Dance! Part 1 and Part 2. A Picture Book. Barbara Mettler. [s.l.]: Mettler Studios, 1962. Through photographs and brief text, Barbara Mettler describes the theory and practice of creative dance.

Ten Articles on Dance. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1967? Ten short essays by Barbara Mettler on various aspects of creative dance. Click here for a pdf of Ten Articles on Dance.

Children's Creative Dance Book. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1970. A picture book featuring photographs of children creating dance movements, some with Barbara Mettler teaching the class. Brief suggestions for movements to try accompany the text.

Basic Movement Exercises Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, and Part 6. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1973. An extensive description, almost a textbook, of movement feeling exercises, with photographs and diagrams.

Group Dance Improvisations Part 1 and Part 2. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1975. In this book, Barbara Mettler discusses themes and techniques for group improvisation, sometimes working with very large groups.

Creative Dance in Kindergarten. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: Mettler Studios, 1976. A report of experimental teaching of creative dance to kindergarteners in 1961-62.

The Nature of Dance as a Creative Art Activity. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: 1980. In this poetic work, Barbara Mettler writes about the creative principles of dance as art form.

Dance as an Element of Life. Barbara Mettler. Tucson, AZ: 1983. In this autobiographical work, Barbara Mettler describes her early life, her dance training in Germany as the Nazis came to power, and her teaching life in New York, New Hampshire, and Tucson, AZ. The second part of the book describes basic principles of creative dance for individuals and groups.

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