Request a Book or Film

If the title you need isn't available at Hampshire, we can still get it for you (and if something's missing or misplaced from our stacks, we can search for it).

Download instructions (pdf)

Five College Libraries Catalog (FCLC)

  1. Find the item you want in the Five College Libraries Catalog
    1. Click on the Full View record, then
    2. Click on the Request Item option 
  2. Five College Libraries login options will appear; please select your campus (Hampshire)
    1.  Enter your HampNet username and password. 
    2. Click submit
  3. Leave the default pickup location. You may shorten your period of interest.
    1. Click go
  4. You will see a confirmation of your request.
    1. Notification will be sent via email when item is ready for pickup at
      Johnson Library Info Bar

Some materials cannot be requested for delivery:

  • Electronic materials such as ebooks and ejournals can typically only be used on the subscribing campus, or by students, faculty, and staff of the subscribing institution. Submit an ILL request, ask a librarian or check with the owning library for further details. More information about requesting journal articles.
  • Fragile materials may not be sent, at the discretion of the owning library. Visit the owning library in person, or ask us about other options. 

Interlibrary Loan requests (ILL)

If something isn't available in the Five Colleges, you may use ILL to request it! Physical items can take up to two weeks for delivery, so please plan ahead.

How to Request a Book Chapter

  1. Log in to ILL
  2. Under New Request, click on Book Chapter
  3. This will open a request; fill out all the information you can. The more information you provide, the faster your request will be processed.
  4. When you are done completing the form, click on Submit Request on the bottom of the screen.
  5. If you have any questions please see a librarian at the Info Bar or email ILL for help.

How to Request a Book

This form can also be used for requesting dissertations, entire volumes of a journal and media.

  1. Log in to ILL
  2. Under New Request, click on Book 
  3. When you are done completing the form, click on Submit Request on the bottom of the screen.
  4. If you have any questions, please see a librarian at the Info Bar or email ILL for help

How to Renew an Interlibrary Loan Item

  1. Log in to ILL
  2. Under View My Requests click on Checked Out Items 
  3. All of your items that you have checked out will display in a table.
  4. Click on the Transaction Number of the request you would like to renew. This will open the transaction information.
    1. The second line from the bottom of the Transaction Information will tell you if you can request a renewal. Not all interlibrary loans can be renewed.
  5. Click on Renew Request on the top of the page.
  6. Check back in a few days to see if the due date (3rd line from the bottom) has changed.

More about Interlibrary Loan

  • We're obligated to honor any special restrictions that the lender imposes, such as in-library use only, no photocopying, no renewals, or securing written permission of a dissertation or thesis writer before the item is made available. In all cases, any restrictions and the due dates will be clearly indicated on the paperwork that accompanies the item. Because ILL items are subject to recall by the lending library at any time, they should not leave campus over semester breaks or the summer.
  • On occasion, items are recalled, and you'll be notified by email. If your book is recalled and you are not finished, please contact ILL immediately. We will make every effort to locate another copy. Damaged or lost items will be billed based on the requirements of the lending institution.
  • Books, dissertations, government documents, microfilms, photocopies of non-circulating items, musical scores, and items marked as missing or lost from the Five College Collections are all available for request. Items not generally available for ILL include course reserve materials or textbooks; DVDs or CDs; recent bestsellers and high-demand items; and items that are rare, valuable, or too fragile to be subjected to postal delivery.

Purchase requests

We welcome requests from the Hampshire community for purchasing new material for the library (e.g. books, films, games, etc.). We carefully consider all requests within the context of the current curriculum and budget. Purchase requests can take several weeks. Requesting an item through interlibrary loan is the best way to get an item quickly.

Click here to submit a request.

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