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HFJ Library Media Lab

Media labs include facilities for the research and production of digital photography and filmmaking; animation; music; audio; print; and video.

Located in the basement floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library. Access to media lab and classroom facilities is open to students, faculty, and staff.

Screening/Classroom Facilities

B9 Classroom

  • Moveable collaborative/seminar seating for up to 30.
  • Digital and analog projection including Pro Res, DVD, Blu-ray, 16mm.

Digital Media Production Facilities

B2 InterMedia Lab

The room seats 14 users at 7 stations. For workshops it can comfortably hold 22.

  • 3.06 GHz iMacs with 2TB RAID storage, DVD dual layer burners, USB and firewire hubs, stereo speakers and the standard multimedia software package.
  • 4 Epson perfection flatbed scanners.
  • Ceiling-mounted data projector and speakers for laptop or used with workstation B2A.
  • MacPro Tower archive/digitization station with Decklink 4K Extreme for analog sources: 3/4” U-Matic, VHS, 1/4" open reel audio and video tape.

B5 Advanced Media Lab

  • 4 3.06 GHz iMacs with 2TB RAID storage.
  • 2 Epson perfection flatbed scanners.
  • 2 12” Wacom graphic tablets. 
  • Animation/large document digitization stand. 
  • Voice-over booth a quiet room for audio recording. 
  • Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut X,Premiere CS6, AfterEffects CS6, Dragon Stopmotion, iStopmotion, Manga Studio, Poser, Maya, Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic Pro, Audacity, SoundTrack.

B6 Electronic Music Station

The primary use of this room is for the production and manipulation of audio.
Users of the B6 Lab are often musicians and music producers or in some way audio producers, though users are not restricted to this use. Single station.

  • 3.06 GHz iMac with 2TB Raid storage
  • Patch panel for manipulating signal flow.
  • Mbox and full-sized weighted midi keyboard.
  • Blofeld midi synthesizers and a Real-time CD Burner
  • 5.1 surround sound speakers.
  • Ableton Live, ProTools, Max, LogicPro, Soundtrack

B7 Concentrators Suite

Users of this lab edit video, make surround soundtracks, have presentation meetings, make electronic music, digitize analog media as well as photo and image manipulation, and making websites.

  • DualBoot (Win/Mac) Mac Pro Tower with 8GB RAM and 3TB RAID.
  • 5.1 surround sound.
  • Near field audio monitors, and HD screen
  • Mbox for audio input and output, an audio mixer,
  • Full sized weighted midi keyboard
  • Real-time audio burner
  • Midi guitar
  • Proteus and Nova midi controllable synthesizers
  • DVD/VHS player and a mini-dv deck
  • iPad midi dock

B3 Production Studio

The studio is also used for photography shoots, theater and film/video rehearsals, Div III performances, practices, and occasionally meetings.

  • Green screen keying wall.
  • Lighting grid, floor lights, and stands.
  • 3 studio cameras.
  • Stop motion animation computer and software

B3 Studio Control Room

The B3 control room functions as a collaborative workspace, a training room, and as the control room for the B3 studio. Together with the B3 studio it is possible to record using multiple cameras and to broadcast in real-time to cable television or streaming via the Internet.

  • InTran Broadcast PC is for exclusively for broadcast purposes.
  • MacPro Tower is used for video switching  and is connected to the broadcast system
  • BoinxTV Pro
  • 2 physical video switchers.
  • Skype and streaming capability
  • DVD/VHS and external computer and A/V input sources


Moodle Course for lab access

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John Bruner, 94F
New Media Technician
HFJ Library Basement Room B4

Neil Young
Manager of Media Services


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