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Professor Emeritus Raymond Coppinger's book, Fishing Dogs

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fishing DogsPacking your tackle and wading a river without a trusted fishing dog is a recipe for disaster, suggests Raymond Coppinger in his book Fishing Dogs.

Skyhorse Publishing released Coppinger's book in February. Its full title is Fishing Dogs: A Guide to the History, Talents, and Training of the Baildale, the Flounderhounder, the Angler Dog, and Sundry Other Breeds of Aquatic Dogs (Canis piscatorius).

Coppinger, professor emeritus of biology, is one of the founding professors of Hampshire College, having joined the faculty in 1969. He is also an author, dedicated fisherman, storyteller, and brilliant satirist.

Professor Coppinger and his wife Lorna founded the Livestock Guarding Dog Project at Hampshire in 1976. That long-term investigation into the behavior of a new kind of dog for farmers and ranchers in the United States resulted in greater understanding of early developmental behavior of dogs, and how early experience (or lack of it) can affect adult behavior.

Professor Coppinger has published more than fifty papers on dog research, often in collaboration with his Hampshire College colleagues and students. He and Lorna Coppinger co-authored 2001's DOGS: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior, and Evolution, which was published in seven languages.

Coppinger also authored an earlier book about fishing dogs, but the February release by Skyhorse Publishing is a new book. Fishing Dogs is twice the length of the earlier book, filled with expanded and updated information and new illustrations.

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