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Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Accepts Paper by Haoxi Zhan 12F

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A research paper by Haoxi Zhan 12F, "A Quantitative Analysis of the Simplification Genetic Operator," has been accepted for presentation and publication at a workshop at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference in Vancouver.

The conference runs from July 12 to 16, and is the largest in the field of evolutionary computation, according to Zhan and Professor of Computer Science Lee Spector.

In evolutionary computation, several programs are put into competition with one another, eventually evolving with the goal of creating one stronger program.

Zhan's paper explores program simplification, making evolved programs smaller, more manageable, and easier to interpret.

"There has been some research about this in the past, but no one has done it in the Push system, which is developed and maintained by Lee Spector and our lab," Zhan says.

Spector says it's "pretty darn impressive" that Zhan, a second year student, was accepted into the conference because work that makes the cut is usually by graduate students.

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