Hampshire Recognized as One of the U.S. Colleges With the Greatest Economic Diversity

The Times “measured economic diversity by analyzing the share of students receiving Pell Grants, which typically go to students from the bottom half of the income distribution. The list covers the 286 most-selective colleges in the country, defined by Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges and other metrics.”

Forbes, which responded to the story, published: “In addition to showing each institution’s share of Pell recipients for the entering class in 2020-21, it also displays the 2010-11 share, allowing a comparison of whether a school has increased or decreased enrollment of what the Times terms ‘economically disadvantaged’ students.” Hampshire increased their Pell share for first-year students by 17% during that time, from 22% to 39%.

Times authors David Leaonhardt and Ashley Wu write: “Studying these numbers is particularly important in the wake of two important developments this year in higher education: the Supreme Court’s decision to do away with race-based affirmative action and the decision by some schools to abandon or reduce legacy admissions. Each put a new renewed focus on institutional efforts to consider wealth in making admissions decisions.”

>>Read The New York Times story and see the full chart.

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