Jamie Citron 01F Named to Biden-Harris Administration

Jamie Citron 01F was recently named a special assistant to the president for presidential personnel for the Biden-Harris administration. Citron is a former Obama White House staff member and longtime director of development strategy at the Obama Foundation.

Citron began his career in politics working for then-Senator Obama in early 2007. Over the next decade, Citron served in various positions, including special assistant to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Citron also served as director of the LGBT Vote for Barack Obama’s presidential re-election effort, where he oversaw the campaign's integrated outreach strategy to LGBT and allied Americans. In recent years he has worked for the Barack Obama Foundation and served as a member of the Obama Foundation's Inclusion Council.

In 2009, The Advocate selected Citron for its list of “Forty Under 40” as someone to watch in the world of politics.

Citron says of his time at Hampshire: “The question at Hampshire isn't 'is it OK to be queer?' The question at Hampshire is 'what does it mean to be queer today, how can a queer perspective shed new light on broader issues of discrimination and injustice, and how does my queer identity inform the rest of who I am?' Hampshire changed the way I view self, and in doing so, how I view community.”