Recent Hampshire Alums Published in Internationally Recognized Science Journals

Recent Hampshire alums David Blumenstiel 13F and Madison McDonald 15F were both published in internationally recognized archeological science and physical anthropology research journals for their Div III work relating to exposure to geogenic elements (of or relating to the earth) by ancient Andeans. Their multidisciplinary research combines chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental science, physical anthropology, and archaeological science.

Blumenstiel and McDonald were two of the co-authors for “Exposure to geogenic lithium in ancient Andeans: Unraveling lithium in mummy hair using LA-ICP-MS,” published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

Blumenstiel was also one of the co-authors of “Five thousand years of bellyaches: Exploring boron concentration in ancient populations of the Atacama Desert,” published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

Hampshire Professor of Chemistry Dula Amarasiriwardena, Division III research mentor of Blumenstiel and McDonald, was a co-author on both articles. The project was partially funded by the Major Research Instrumentation Grant (MRI) awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).