Sebastien Dresbach F19 Finds Passion in the Classroom — and on the Soccer Field

Fascinated by both form and function, Sebastien Dresbach is studying design at Hampshire. For his Div III this semester, he’s combining artistic techniques with shop skills such as metalworking and woodwork, and incorporating his knowledge of physics and electrical engineering.

In his first two years at the College, Sebastien explored a wide range of interests, from theater to chemistry to philosophy. He was encouraged to take a variety of courses and to join a host of clubs to hone his focus, ultimately discovering that his passion lies at the intersection of art and engineering in the realm of industrial and automotive design. 

“I’ve appreciated the freedom to design my own path, which can be a double-edged sword at times,” Sebastien says, “as the project work is often self-guided and a new way for all involved. I, like all other Hampshire students, have grown academically and personally as I’ve striven to direct my education and academic choices.”

The freedom to experiment, small class sizes, and hands-on learning are some of what attracted Sebastien to Hampshire in the first place. But one of the key things that made him stay at the College has been soccer. “As a first-year student in a small entering class, it was great to meet people who also loved to play soccer,” he says. “The soccer team gave me a sense of community. Now, having been a team member for several years, I encourage all students who are interested in soccer to join one of the teams, regardless of skill or years played.”

"I, like all other Hampshire students, have grown academically and personally as I’ve striven to direct my education and academic choices."Sebastien Dresbach F19

Hampshire’s men's and women's soccer teams compete in the fall on a regular basis as members of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association. For Sebastien, being a part of the team is a powerful way to connect with students outside of the classroom. “Soccer offered a time to relax, to get away from academics, and to spend quality time with friends,” he says. Besides being a goalie on the soccer team, Sebastien has been playing tennis at Hampshire since his first semester. In addition to playing he's assisted in teaching tennis to fellow students during school breaks. "I have been given many opportunities to grow as a player and teacher through tennis. Both soccer and tennis have enabled me to explore different interests and skills throughout my four years."

Sebastien says he’s found a place where he fully belongs. “I’ve been able to explore many of my interests, in both academics and sports, and I’ve been able to work closely with staff and faculty to further my education,” he says. “Hampshire College is, at its root, a place where the students determine and design their own path. It has made me willing to take more risks and pursue my own ideas, regardless of the subject at hand.”

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