Spector Receives Google CS Engagement Award

Hampshire College Professor Lee Spector has received a Google Computer Science Engagement Award. The CS Engagement Awards are part of Google’s growing efforts to support various educational efforts at the undergraduate level.

Professor Spector will use the $5,000 award to develop a course that he plans to teach at Hampshire in fall 2015, Programming for Science. The inquiry-based course will provide an introduction to programming and computational concepts for students who wish to work in the cognitive, natural, or computer sciences.

Programming for Science will be designed to attract and serve students who intend to concentrate in any of a wide range of areas of the cognitive or natural sciences (for example, psychology, neuroscience, biology, physics, and chemistry), while also serving as an introductory course for students who intend to concentrate in computer science.

The CS Engagement Awards support efforts to increase student engagement and retention in introductory computer science classes. Spector’s course will engage students by allowing them to write programs for small independent and collaborative projects rooted in the sciences. Students will be exposed both to programming as a tool for work in disciplines such as psychology and biology, and to computer science itself as a potential area of academic concentration.

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