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Award Packages

Once the level of need is determined, we prepare a financial aid award package according to the student's need.  Need is the difference between the cost of attendance and the expected family contribution.  The award is called a "package" because it contains three different kinds of aid:

  • a student loan recommendation (a federal loan that must be repaid after enrollment ceases).
  • a work-study employment opportunity (income received by the student in exchange for work at the college). 
  • grants (outright gifts that are not repaid).

A student loan and job opportunity (called self-help) are the first components of an award package followed by grant assistance.  Grant assistance includes federal, state, and Hampshire grants in addition to any scholarship assistance. 

The suggested loan level will increase each year as students advance toward their degrees.  Students may decline the loan portion of their awards, but the Hampshire grant will not increase to compensate for the declined loan.  Students who decline the recommended loan are not eligible for other kinds of Hampshire grant assistance. 

Work-study represents working eight to ten hours per week in an on-campus job.  Students may decline the work opportunity, but the Hampshire grant will not increase to compensate for it. 

A sample award package for a first-year student is:

 Cost of attendance  $50,000
 Parents' contribution  $20,000
 Student's earnings expectation  $  1,600
 Student's assets  $     200
 Total family contribution  $21,800
 Student's need  $28,200
 Federal Direct Student Loan  $  3,500
 Work-study opportunity  $  2,100
 Hampshire Grant  $22,600
 Total award package  $28,200


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