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Service request form (pdf)

The Duplication Center, located on the ground floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library, provides a wide variety of services to students, staff, and faculty:

  • copying
  • comb binding
  • folding
  • hole-punching
  • laminating
  • padding
  • paper cutting
  • printing
  • scanning
  • stapling
  • consulting and estimates on jobs to assist with various printing needs

Choose from a wide array of paper colors and weights.

During the beginning and ends of each semester, turnaround time may be between two and three business days for all internal work. Please plan accordingly.

How to Order from Duplications

  1. Create a PDF of the file you need printed. Word documents, jpgs, and other files are often distorted or unable to be re-sized.
  2. Bring the file on a flash drive (USB)  to Duplications OR attach the PDF to an email addressed to
  3. You do not need to fill out an order/request form, as we will fill those out for you.
  4. If you are bringing a flash drive, simply speak with a Duplications staff member about your request.
  5. If you are emailing the attachment, send a descriptive email about your request including:
    • number of copies
    • color or black and white
    • 8.5x11 or 11x17
    • single or double sided
    • regular weight paper, cardstock, or colored paper (we do not carry 11x17 cardstock)
    • 3-hole punched, stapled, comb binding
    • folding, cutting, padding, lamination
    • any other special request/information you feel we should know
  1. If you are charging a job to an account, provide the account name and account number at the time of the request.
  2. Other forms of payment accepted are cash, checks made out to the Trustees of Hampshire College, or student IDs (must be present).
  3. We have a 24 hour policy for jobs to be completed, though they are usually done much sooner, depending on the time of year.

Ordering Paper

  1. Call 413.559.5512 or send an email to
  2. Include the following:
    • Ream or case of paper
    • 8.5x11 or 11x17
    • Color or cardstock paper available
    • Account name and account number
    • Mail Code (unless the order will be picked up)
  3. You do not need to fill out the supply request form, as we fill them out here for you.

Ordering Toners

  1. Call or send an email to
  2. Include the following:
    • Machine ID (ex. H1234)
    • Black, Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow
    • Toner or waste container
    • Mail Code (these can be picked up if you choose)
  3. You do not need to provide an account name or number for toners, as you will not be billed for them.

Picking Up Orders

  1. We will always email you when your order is ready for pickup.
  2. Print jobs are filed by the FIRST name of the person who ordered.
  3. Have cash, a check, or a student ID if an account name and number was not provided with the initial order.
  4. Window hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Payments by student ID available during the academic year: August 15 through May 15.

Ordering Letterhead, Business Cards, and Envelopes

Employees can order business cards, appointment cards, letterhead, and envelopes. All orders will be printed at Hadley Printing and delivered through campus mail. 

  1. Hampshire College Print Portal registration:

    Once registered, you will receive an email from brightcloudstudio with a link to verify your registration.

  2. Ordering from the Hampshire College Print Portal:
    Login at the link below. All details for ordering are provided.

If you have any questions please contact Mary Zyskowski, Art Director, at or x5721. 

Service Requests

If you are experiencing difficulties with a machine on campus, please contact the Duplication Center at 413.559.5512 or to place a service call. Please have your machine ID ready (ex. H1234).

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