Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office processes approved payments for the College. Payments are generally made seven to ten business days after a request for payment (RFP) is received. Please note: payment processing can take longer during certain times of the year (such as the start of a new fiscal year or a holiday break). Please plan accordingly.

Information for Vendors

Please send invoices directly to the person/department on campus that placed the order. If that option is not available, please indicate which person or department ordered your services and email a digital copy to You may also mail hard copy invoices to Accounts Payable, The Trustees of Hampshire College, 893 West St., Amherst, MA 01002. If you are a new vendor or have changed your contact information, please send a current W-9 form, with your remittance address (if different from the address on the W-9) and contact information, to

Information for Employees

Purchase Orders

For detailed information on how to create a purchase order, please request training from the Accounts Payable office. Please remember that all purchase orders need to be accepted in TheHub under "Receive Goods and Services" before corresponding paperwork is sent to the Accounts Payable Office for payment. Questions? Please email the Accounts Payable Office.


For detailed information about reimbursements, please see the Reimbursements page. Please note that a reimbursement is a form of invoice; once all the required documentation has been gathered and the appropriate Travel or Non-travel Reimbursement form completed, the purchase order process should be initiated.

General Information

Once you receive a Request for Payment (RFP - usually an invoice or reimbursement request), please initiate the purchase order process accurately and promptly. Once the purchase order process is completed, please receive the item or service in TheHub, write the purchase order number on the RFP, and forward the documentation to for payment. Please allow sufficient processing/mailing time (approx. two weeks) so that the recipient receives timely payment. Reimbursements for travel should be processed within 30 days of completion of the trip.

    Reminder: All new vendors will require a W-9 form, phone number, email, and remit-to address for billing (if different from the address on the W-9). Once completed, please send the information to Purchasing via either email or hard copy to the Hampshire College Business Office, Attn: Purchasing, 893 West St, Amherst, MA 01002.

    Key points to remember

    • As of August 2023, check runs are generally once a week on Thursday mornings; completed, fully processed payment requests must be received by AP no later than Tuesday at noon in order to to allow sufficient time for processing the payment in the current week's check run.
    • All invoices/reimbursement requests must have the purchase order number written directly on the document, even if you are submitting via email.
    • Please note that we generally will not issue payment until after the item or service has actually been received.
    • Once the item or service has been received, please officially "receive" the purchase order in TheHub before submitting the invoice for payment, even if what you are receiving is a service or a reimbursement.
    • Reimbursement requests require original, hard-copy receipts where applicable, and therefore often cannot be emailed.
    • Sales tax should be removed if applicable.
    • Please include any contracts or award letters associated with honorariums, grants, or similar payments.
    • Please note that quotes or estimates are NOT invoices and cannot be paid, as the price may change prior to the final sale.


    Please contact Accounts Payable:
    Phone: 413.559.5491