Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control

Table of Contents


I. OSHA Requirements
II. Exposure Determination
III. Exposure Control
  A. Engineering and Work Practice Controls
        i.   Personal Hygiene
        ii.  Handling Sharps
        iii. Material Handling Procedures
  B. Personal Protective Equipment
  C. Housekeeping 
  D. Waste Disposal 
  E. Contaminated Laundry 
IV. Needlestick Safety and Prevention 
V. Hepatitis B Vaccination
VI. Emergency Procedures and Reporting Exposure
VII. Post-Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up
VIII. Recordkeeping 
IX. Communication of Hazards
  A. Signs and Labels 
  B. Information and Training 
  A. Procedure for Cleaning Bodily Fluids Contamination 
  B. Hepatitis B Vaccine [Recombinant] Employee Information Sheet 
  C. Declination of Hepatitis B Vaccination 
  D. Training Record 
  E. Incident Report