Employee Appreciation Program

At Hampshire College, we recognize that people are our greatest asset and strength. As such, we are committed as an organization to recognizing employees for exceptional performance, conduct, commitment, and service.

Taking an inclusive, systems approach to recognition means more than developing a traditional awards program. Effective recognition systems include activities on three dimensions: day-to-day, informal, and formal. 

  • Praise is an example of day-to-day recognition. It costs nothing and can be given by anyone, to anyone at any time. 
  • Informal recognition can take a variety of forms, has few restrictions, and often includes a low-cost, tangible gesture of appreciation or congratulations.
  • Formal recognition can include not only awards for achievements, service, etc. but also celebration events at which all contributing employees can participate and receive recognition. Formal recognition often has certain policy and legal requirements.

Read more about our formal appreciation programs:

Employee Appreciation Programs