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Discussion Theme Summary

The discussion theme summary articulates the narrative themes that emerged from the analysis of more than one hundred telephone and face-to-face interviews and meetings with individuals and groups at Hampshire over the last four months. These themes reflect observations and ideas that arose in one way or another several (usually many) times in different contexts and settings from different members of the Hampshire community. They are not assessments of Hampshire by our consultants, but rather comprise a recitation of the themes the consultants, Keeling & Associates, LLC (K&A), heard and documented during many different meetings and interviews.

The purpose of a theme summary is not to include every comment or suggestion made in the multiple interviews and meetings—but less frequently made statements or recommendations are not lost. There will be opportunities to discuss the themes included in this document—as well as other material not reflected in it—during K&A's visits to campus January 27-29 and February 19-21, 2014.

The essential next step is to determine what these data tell us about the most important priorities for Hampshire for the coming five years. Reacting to the summary itself is less important than thinking about the strategic implications of the ideas and observations it contains. Discussions of those matters will be critical to creating the College's goals and objectives in the strategic planning retreat March 31-April 1.

We thank you for reading and reflecting on this information, and we hope you will think about these themes and their implications in relation to Hampshire's strategy for the next five years. We welcome and strongly encourage your participation in strategic discussions during K&A's forthcoming visits to campus.


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