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Fall Semester Report, January 2017

The Advisory Council on Hampshire's Commitment to Anti-Racism

What we have done

Council Meetings

The Advisory Council met weekly throughout the summer and the fall semester. We invited staff from key areas across campus to speak with us about perspectives and struggles regarding an institutional commitment to anti-racism. We consulted with representatives from  campus leadership and activities, the First Year Program, The Cultural Center, retention committee/admissions, James Baldwin Scholars Program, community outreach staff (CPSC, CYL) as well as leadership from the Smith School of Social Work, which maintains and institutional commitment to anti-racism.

Informational/Outreach Meetings with:

  • Resident Advisors
  • Cognitive Science School
  • HACU School Meeting
  • Interdisciplinary Arts School Meeting
  • Senior Administration Meeting
  • Design Studio for Social Intervention Meetings
  • Lunch with SOURCE students, December 2016
  • Staff Advisory Council Meeting
  • All-Staff Meeting
  • Faculty Meeting

Workshops, events, information gathering

  • Looking Back, Moving Forward interactive exhibit and week of events
  • Piloted meal ticket program in December to address students who are food insecure at the end of the semester.  
  • Supported SPARC on the "Can we Talk?" session

Our Commitments

By mid October, the Advisory Council defined the following areas and commitments to having them guide our recommendations. We received feedback on these commitments from participants during the week-long event "Looking Back, Moving Forward: Advancing Hampshire's commitment to anti-racism."

  • Reviewing and updating the College's anti-discrimination policy and procedures 

Maintaining high expectations of accountability from our community to assess structural change focusing on anti-racism on an annual basis

Identifying different ways of communication to promote and facilitate dialogue across all areas of the community.

  • Identifying ways to foster and actively maintain a culture of anti-racism throughout  all areas of the College.

  • Reviewing staff needs, funding, and resources that are integral to supporting students of color and other underrepresented groups.

Recognizing our community’s responsibility and validating the agency of all community members to effect change supporting anti-racism.

Identifying ways to build capacity within our community to understand how whiteness and privilege operates.

Identifying ways to build capacity within our community so see how class privilege and power operates.

Reviewing and identify basic level of financial support for underrepresented students and explore and recommend a process to respond to issues around food and housing insecurity.

  • Reviewing ways to support retention by enhancing the student experience through building a strong foundation beginning with the first year experience.

Identifying structures for faculty and staff development that will support us to approach our work from a social justice and anti-racist perspective.

What we are planning for Spring 2017

  • Advisory Council to meet weekly in the Spring 2017
  • Conduct presentations at School Meetings, Staff Meetings, Resident Advisors
  • In collaboration the other two advisory council co-chairs, the ACHCAR conceptualized, wrote, and received a $5000 grant from the American Association of Colleges and Universities to support discussions with a small group of staff, faculty and students about how to support the development of "changemaking" skills (i.e. organizing, coalition-building). 

  • Make recommendations to the President
  • Shift from Advisory Council to Oversight Committee
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