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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Renewing Hampshire's Commitment to Anti-Racism
Monday, October 24, 2016-Friday, October 28, 2016

"Looking Back, Moving Forward" is a week of reflection and education that launches a year-long process to involve the community in shaping the contours of Hampshire's commitment to anti-racism. The goal of this week is to strengthen community understanding of Hampshire’s history with anti-racism and racial justice organizing as well as our current and future institutional commitments. Community members can engage with this material through interactive exhibits, storytelling, theater workshops, panels, and facilitated discussions. The participation of every member of the Hampshire community is important in order to advance Hampshire's commitment to anti-racism in an informed, intentional, and participatory manner. This week of events was developed with the help of many campus partners and at the recommendation of the Advisory Council on Hampshire’s Commitment to Anti-Racism in collaboration with the Advisory Councils on Speaking Across Resilient Communities (SPARC) and Sexual Misconduct and Campus Safety.

An interactive exhibit in the Airport Lounge and Bridge, "Looking Back, Moving Forward," is the focal point of the week. One element of the exhibit presents a timeline of the history of racial justice and anti-racism organizing at the College. Like any historical timeline, it is constructed and partial. Community participation is necessary to review the timeline, ask questions, illuminate what is missing, and add nuance. The second element invites community members to interact with the College's current commitments to become an institution committed to anti-racism and to reflect on and consider personal commitments to racial justice. As the community moves forward shaping our institutional commitment to anti-racism, the exhibit provides a necessary foundation to have historically informed dialogues. Please visit the exhibit at some point during the week.

Beyond the exhibit at the Bridge and Airport Lounge, "pop-up" exhibits will be located across the campus. The images and quotations disrupt the typical use of a space and provoke personal and institutional reflection on racial justice. Several other panels, workshops, and "timeline talks" contribute to a week of reflection and action-planning about Hampshire's commitment to anti-racism. Please get involved!

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