Schedule 2017 |

Schedule 2017


Everything takes place in Franklin Paterson Hall unless noted




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Opening with Xavier Torres de Janon, Main Lecture Hall


Racism and the LGBT Community with Douglass Ross, Room 101

Queering Veganism with Brandie Skorker, Room 105

Family as Resistance with Kait O'loughlin and Dorian Adams, Room 106

Care Webs: Experiments in Disability-Made Collective Care with

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Room 107

On Bioethics & Contagion Through the Lens of HIV with Fiona Maeve and Nihils Rev, Room 108

Clothing Swap, West Lecture Hall


Queer/Trans Storytelling with Teal Van Dyck,  Room 101

Self Care as an Act of Radical Resistance with Michel Fitos, Room 106

Brown Face White Aesthetics: Anti-Blackness in Brown Queerness with Xavier Torres de Janon, Room 107

Selected Excerpts from “The Training of Poe” with Q&A with Bella Vendetta,  Room 108

Trans Resistance in Times of Trouble with Morgan M. Page, East Lecture Hall

Clothing Swap, West Lecture Hall

6:00-7:00 PM

QTPOC Closed Dinner with Leah Lakshmi, FPH Faculty Lounge

9:00 PM-1:00 AM

Space Dance, sponsored by the Sub Free Collective, Red Barn




Opening with Maia Holloway in Main Lecture Hall


Pushing Through: Coping with Minority Stress with Shelley Rosen, Room 101

Logistical Planning for Surgery with Gaines Blasdel, Room 102

Femme Suicide Safety Strategies for Survival and Beyond with Leah Lakshmi, Room 103

Non-Monogamy, Anarchy and Climate Change: Resist, Re-think, Restructure with Nichol McCarter, Room 104

Building Gendered Identity with Eliot Oberholtzer, Room 105

Race, Belief, Sexuality and Body Positivity with Louis Mitchell, Room 106

Navigating Healthcare with Jennifer Riedell, Room 107

Why Sex Isn’t Safety: I Can Fake My Orgasms but not Consent? with Fiona Maeve, Room 108

Tenderqueer Yoga Skillshare with Jena Duncan, Dakin Living Room


LUNCH in Faculty Lounge


Kink and Trauma 101 with Megan Lieff, Room 101

Excessive Bodies with Hillary Montague Asp and Ryan Ambuter, Room 102

If We Cannot Belong & May Not Leave with Noel'le Longhaul, Room 103

Class-ic Struggles with Kailan Doodleboi, Room 104

Trans Characters in Comics with Sam Riedell, Room 105

Moving the Ball Forward for LGBTQ Youth with Lea Saqran and Courtney Chelo, Room 106

Cross Contamination & Disinfection for Kinksters with Bella Vendetta, Room 108

Queer Temporalities in Film I with Aurora Vincent Roth, East Lecture Hall

Clothing Swap, West Lecture Hall


Keynote with T.J. Jourian in the Main Lecture Hall


Caucus on Relationship Anarchy, Aromanticism, and Asexuality with Adrian Ballou, Room 101

Bottom Surgery in the 21st Century with Gaines Blasdel, Room 102

Celebrating Our Diversity and Ending Stigma with Amy Ostreicher, Room 103

Disability Discussion with Kailan Doodleboi, Room 105

Making Tarot Gay with Sol Eliot and Dorian Adams, Room 106

Considerations in Disability Organizing with Rae Henaghan, Room 107

Queer/Trans and from the Middle East: A Discussion with Aredvi Sita and Lea Saqran, Room 108

Queer Temporalities in Film II with Aurora Vincent Roth, East Lecture Hall

Clothing Swap, West Lecture Hall


Cake and Raffle in Lobby


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