Alum 1-2-1 Alumni Information

The Alum 1-2-1 program is a great fit for alumni who

  • Want to connect with students
  • Have experience or expertise in any area and are excited to share it
  • Can offer advice about how to get hired in an industry or specific company
  • Have benefited from the experience or advice of others and want to “pay it forward”

How does the Alum 1-2-1 Program work?

In the alum 1-2-1 program, alumni offer half hour, one-on-one appointments to meet with individual students. The appointments typically happen in person at the SPARC office; we are also experimenting with doing remote appointments via Zoom. Conversations with students are meant to be fun, informal, and different each time. The idea is to connect over common interests and share anything that might provide insight, information or encouragement. You’re not expected to have all the answers, just a willingness to share from your own experience and perspective.

When you participate in an Alum 1-2-1 program, we work with you to find a date and some possible appointment times that fit your schedule and ours. You can offer as few as four and as many as ten half-hour student appointments in one day. Most alumni offer 4-6 appointments in a visit. Before the day of the program, SPARC will reach out to students with your bio and other information that will help them understand who you are and what you’re about. On the day of the program, SPARC staff will welcome you and settle you in to a meeting space. Staff will help students find you, and will communicate about any schedule changes. We will work with you to schedule breaks and time for lunch. If you’re on campus, it’s a great opportunity to check out the Kern Kafé!

Guidelines for meeting with students

  • Ask students about themselves and their interests
  • Invite students to ask questions about your work or ask for your feedback about theirs
  • Share specific information and resources including names of organizations, conferences, web links, and internship or job openings if appropriate
  • Share words of wisdom or advice that you wish you had gotten as a student
  • Allow the conversation to flow naturally. There’s no need to stick to an agenda, but do stick to the allotted appointment time. If you wish to continue an unfinished conversation, you may arrange with the student to do so, but it is not expected.

Are you a potential Alum 1-2-1 participant?

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Once you submit the interest form, a SPARC staff member will be in touch with you discuss moving forward with scheduling. If you'd like to speak with a staff member before filling out the form, please contact us at or 413.559.5445.