Alum 1-2-1 Student Guidelines

Before Your 30-Minute Meeting

Familiarize yourself with the alum’s background and/or current work by reviewing the bio posted by SPARC and look at the alum’s LinkedIn profile and websites, if applicable. Identify questions and topics you’d like to address. Here are some examples:

Their Backgrounds

  • Career path; how they got started

  • How their Hampshire education has influenced their work

  • What they wish they’d known before they graduated

Their Current Work

  • What they love about it

  • Challenges unique to their field or role

  • What has helped them succeed 

Their Advice For You

  • Tips for someone just getting starting out

  • Suggestions for gaining hands-on experience in this field

  • Resources, memberships, LinkedIn groups, or connections they’d recommend

  • Other kinds of practical experience and career preparations you might consider

Remember: It’s not appropriate to ask directly for a job or internship! 

The Day of Your Meeting

  • Everyone's time is important, and the alumni who participate in this program do so because they want to help you!

  • Honor their dedication by arriving on time

  • If you need to cancel, it’s important that you notify SPARC immediately so another student has the opportunity to take your slot (413.559.5445 or

After Your Meeting

  • ALWAYS send a thank-you note, either via email or "snail mail," within 48 hours of your meeting. This will help you to be remembered positively, should you want to reach out in the future

  • Note specific parts of the conversation that were helpful, inspiring, or motivating, and follow up with those leads or connections

  • Share your feedback via the link below. We take your feedback seriously and use it to improve and sustain the Alum 1-2-1 program

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