Welcome New International Students

On behalf of Hampshire College, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest community members! Students studying internationally at Hampshire add to the vibrant diversity of our campus and we strive to support these students as they transition to campus life here in the U.S.


Preparing for your F-1 Student Visa

Find information on your F-1 Student Visa here. Once we receive the required forms, we will email you an electronic I-20 along with detailed visa application instructions and pre-arrival information. If you have any questions, contact International Student Services at iss@hampshire.edu.

When to Arrive

  • Fall 2024 Arrival: Saturday, August 24 – Sunday, August 25, 2024
  • International Student Transit Program (ISTP): Monday, August 26 – Wednesday, August 28, 2024

International Student Transit Program 

The International Student Transit Program (ISTP) is REQUIRED for all student visa holders (F-1 and J-1).

In order to participate in this mandatory program, please make plans to arrive on your specified arrival date. Students will not be allowed to move into their campus rooms before the arrival date. Should you need a place to stay prior to this date, refer to this list of local lodging. You can also review transportation options here. More details about arrival will be emailed to you.

When you have secured your travel plan, please email your travel itinerary to iss@hampshire.edu, so we can help you coordinate your travel to campus.

The purpose of orientation is to give you an opportunity to get settled in your new "home away from home" and to meet people who are here to support you during your time at Hampshire. You will also have the opportunity to attend to necessary preparations, such as filling out employment paperwork, opening bank accounts, shopping for personal products at local venues, etc.

You will find this time before general orientation very useful for meeting your needs as an international student. The most exciting part of this program is the opportunity to meet other new international students and orientation leaders, many of whom are returning international students. These students will be valuable resources as you learn more about Hampshire College and they can help you prepare for a smooth and successful start in your educational journey here.

Fall 2024 ISTP Program Schedule

The International Student Transit Program (ISTP or Transit Program for short) runs from Monday, August 26 – Wednesday, August 28 and is designed to help international students transition to life in the United States and to Hampshire College. During the Transit program, staff and Orientation Leaders will assist you with logistical support as well as provide contextualized sessions with campus partners.  

The International Student Transit Program Schedule will be available soon.

Cultural Adjustment Guide

This is a brief guide to help incoming students think about useful concepts and access various resources that will aid their adjustment to life at Hampshire College. Students can keep it bookmarked as it makes for a great read on an overseas flight or long car, bus, or train ride.

Cultural Adjustment Guide

Required Forms and Deadlines

New Student Orientation

The entire entering class is required to participate in New and Transfer Student Orientation. All new students must complete the required new student forms (see individual forms for submission deadlines). 

Family Orientation (Students Entering in the Fall Semester)

Families have the option to participate in Family Orientation. Any questions regarding it should be directed to alumni@hampshire.edu.


Email International Student Services at iss@hampshire.edu or call +1.413.559.6205.

We look forward to meeting you!