Health Forms for Students

**Health forms are due July 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester. If the forms are not submitted, class registration and first-day move-in may be delayed.**

Required Forms

To complete the new student health forms, you will need to register for an account through the Hampshire / UMass patient portal.

Patient Portal

Please note that the patient portal becomes available to incoming students on June 2 for fall enrollees and on January 2 for spring enrollees. Please wait to register for the patient portal until after these dates.  

When logging in, you must use your official Hampshire College email address (e.g.  

Once you are logged into the patient portal, find the Hampshire Health and Counseling Clinic by scrolling to option #6. Next go to the “Forms” tab where you will find instructions for accessing and completing the following REQUIRED and optional forms:

  1. New Student Health Form (required; completed by new student) 
  2. Immunizations Form (required; Download PDF from the patient portal (or use the link below) to be completed by a health care provider. The form MUST be uploaded through the patient portal.)
  3. Tuberculosis Screening Form (required; completed by new student) 
  4. Acknowledgment of Privacy Practices (required; completed by new student if over 18 years old) 
  5. Financial Responsibility Form (required; completed by new student if over 18 years old)
  6. Sports Health and Physical Forms (optional; Download PDFs from the patient portal (or use the link below), sign the release of information form, then have your health care provider complete the provider form. Upload the completed form with the release of information form to the patient portal. [Required only if you intend to participate on an intercollegiate sports team: cross country, soccer, and basketball teams.])

Please keep in mind: If you do not have the chance to receive all required immunizations before the due date (July 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester), please upload what you have, then upload the record of additional immunizations once you receive them.

Thank you for your assistance in meeting these College requirements. If you have any questions, please contact health and counseling services at 413.559.5458 

Massachusetts state law requires that all college students are covered by health insurance. Hampshire College works with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. to offer a student insurance plan that is tailored to the needs of our students. The Student Health Insurance Plan will be billed along with your tuition. If you have comparable medical coverage through another insurance plan, you can waive this fee.

Downloadable Health Forms

Please download the appropriate forms and have them completed by your medical provider.

Once completed please log into the patient portal to upload the forms (using your Hampshire email).  Blank forms are also available through the patient portal.

If you have any questions please contact our office at 413.559.5458 for assistance.

New Student Forms  

Due by July 15 or January 15:

Required Immunizations


Meningococcal Vaccine Waiver

Massachusetts Required Immunization Waiver

Athlete Forms

For New / Transfer Athletes:

Sports Health & Physical Evaluation

Returning Athletes:

Annual Physical Form