Student Health Insurance

Insurance and Patient Billing FAQS

What does the Health Services Fee cover?

The Health Services fee covers student office visits for mental health counseling, crisis response, public health, health promotion, and emergency preparedness activities. The health fee also covers insurance co-payments for medical visits at Health Services.

What services at Health and Counseling Services will I have to pay for? What will be billed to my insurance?

Hampshire College medical office visits and lab tests will be billed to your health insurance plan through the University of Massachusetts Amherst Health Services Billing. You will be responsible for any office visit charges, prescriptions, lab tests, or x-rays that are not covered by your insurance. These charges could be called "out of network care," "co-insurance," or "deductibles."

Hampshire College covers the cost of all on-campus counseling visits.

Do students have to pay for counseling appointments at Health Services?

No. Students are never charged for counseling appointments at Hampshire Health and Counseling. All counseling visits are confidential and free of charge.

Am I required to purchase the Hampshire Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Student Insurance Plan?

No. Students are automatically enrolled in BCBS Student Insurance, but can waive the BCBS plan by demonstrating comparable insurance coverage at Be sure your insurance plan will provide coverage for you in the Amherst area. The BCBS Student Insurance plan has been designed by Hampshire College and Blue Cross Blue Shield for students. Most local and mental health offices and medical facilities, including Hampshire College health services, are in-network providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The BCBS Student Insurance term runs from August 15 to the following August 14 of each year and can be used by students while away from campus over school breaks as well as during international travel.

Do I have to pay for prescriptions I receive at Health Services?

You are responsible for paying any pharmacy or prescription charges not covered by your health insurance. Payments are made at the time of pick up. Pick up is located at the front desk of Health and Counseling Services.

If I received a bill for health services and have a question, who do I contact?

Call the Patient Accounts office at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Health Services, 413.577.5256. Bills can be paid by check or credit card, as indicated on your billing statement or online at

What should I do if my health insurance changes after the school year starts?

Please notify Hampshire Health Services if you have any changes in your health insurance at 413.559.5458 or feel free to bring a copy to the office. The office staff will update your information.

Do I need to bring my health insurance card with me to every appointment?

Yes. You will be asked to verify your insurance at every visit, so please bring your insurance card with you. We will also accept a cell phone picture of the front and back of your insurance card.

To request a copy of my Blue Cross Student Health insurance card: 

Call 1-800-456-3753, option 3.  You will receive your ID card in approximately one week.

Student Health Insurance Plan Deadlines

  • The deadline for waiving the Hampshire College Student Health Insurance
    Plan is August 06, 2024.
  • Between August 7 and September 16, 2024, waiving is only considered
    under appeal with an online Petition to Waive.
  • Coverage begins August 15. If insurance is utilized at any time after coverage commences, waiving is no longer an option.

 Insurance for Special Circumstances

  • Foreign medical insurance coverage is not acceptable under Massachusetts law. Therefore, you cannot waive coverage unless you are currently enrolled in an U.S.-based insurance company comparable to the Hampshire College student medical insurance plan.
  • Leave of absence students are eligible to have coverage continue for one
    semester if they were enrolled for an entire semester of coverage the
    preceding term. If the insurance was waived the preceding term, they are not eligible for insurance. Students must submit a written request to for insurance coverage.
  • Leave exchange and field study students (outgoing) are required to have insurance. Students can waive the insurance if their private carriers will cover them out of the United States. This must be approved via Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s waiver plan.