Policies and Practices

Born out of the concept of Restorative Justice, Restorative Practice nurtures community building by creating repeated intentional opportunities for community members to create caring relationships. Residence Life and housing staff utilize this method to build relationships and community among residents, and to respond to situations that harm or disrupt the community. Generally, these responses are in the form of questions designed to emphasize the impact of one's actions within the community, and how to heal the relationships they may have disturbed. By promoting respect and communication between community members, Restorative Practice contributes to the overall wellness of the community, and help to make Hampshire's campus a constructive learning environment.

Our mission encompasses our values of connection, growth, well-being, social justice, and community.

At the beginning of each year, or whenever moving into a new room, students are asked to sign a room contract stating they agree to abide by Hampshire's housing policies, as found in the Hampshire College Student Handbook. For your convenience, here are links to the sections most pertinent to Residence Life and Housing: