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A student bikes on Hampshire College campus

Hampshire Breaks Ground on Solar Arrays, Aims to Drop CO2 Emissions by 3,000 Metric Tons

The most severe impacts of global warming affect people in poor communities, President Lash stressed at the ceremony

Hampshire Breaks Ground on Solar Arrays, Aims to Drop CO2 Emissions by 3,000 Metric Tons

Hampshire students are members of one of the most vibrant academic communities in the world. Central to the intellectual vibrancy that characterizes Hampshire is the learning and experiences that occur outside the classroom.

Much of the variety of life outside the classroom at Hampshire begins in the five residential "houses." The houses are more than residences; they are the locus of a great range of student activity.

Hampshire offers 100+ student groups and 200+ student activities, as well as intercollegiate club sports, intramurals, and an outdoor recreation program.

Whether planning the line-up of live bands for Spring Jam, initiating a community service project, or painting a 20-foot high mural in the RCC lounge, every student has the chance to have an impact on our community.

And of course, if that's not enough for you, you can also join the clubs and organizations at the other Five College schools.

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Honk. Honk. Zipcars are available at Hampshire.

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