Formal Student Conduct Process

Student Conduct: Our Philosophy
The guiding philosophy and approach to student conduct at Hampshire College is one of education and care, focusing on student learning through individual growth and accountability for behavior within the Hampshire College community. Our goal is to help and encourage students to be successful, both socially and academically; this includes providing the tools for students to make informed decisions. The conduct process and sanctions for violation of the norms for community living and policies are designed to guide student behavior and to balance the rights of the individual with that of the health and safety of the community.

Every incident begins with a conversation...

All students reported to have violated policy or who have engaged in concerning behaviors will start with a Conduct Meeting. Conduct Meetings provide an opportunity for students to engage with a professional staff member to discuss how their behaviors have impacted themselves and the community. Most Conduct Meetings end with a resolution determined with the administrator, however the student may also choose to have their case heard by the Community Review Board. For more information about the formal conduct process, please visit the Hampshire College Student Handbook.

CRB Membership

Fall 2015 Members




Isa Moss Barb Aldrich Jaime Dávila
Quin Rich Glenn Armitage Alicia Ellis
  Natane Halasz Charles Ross
  Laura Melbin  
  Shannon Rosa  

Jessica Fontaine and Amy Parker serve as advisors for hearings. 


The Hampshire College Student Handbook

Did you know policies are updated annually?
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