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2016-17 Theatre Season

Hampshire College Theatre Board is pleased to announce the 2016-17 Theatre Season. This season takes us on a journey of histories and agency. Through music, myth, magic, and drama, these stories explore ownership of identity, morality, and transformation. We welcome you to explore these human themes through varied lenses along with us, ask questions, and be vulnerable. 

Along with the six productions listed below, the Hampshire College Theatre Program produces work by students in venues all over the campus and the community at large. Please check the website for announcements of additional student work throughout the year.

We are excited to share these stories with you.

A Girl's Life
By Kathleen Tolan
Main Stage Theatre
Oct 18-23, 2016

A Girl's Life is a coming of age story centering on a family full of contradictions. Ken, the father, is the manager of a pharmaceutical company manufacturing a drug that ends pregnancy. Bev, the mother, searches for herself after many years of motherhood. There is Jesse, the youngest daughter, and Jen, the rebellious oldest daughter. We also meet Lernoux, a French scientist at a press conference about his anti-pregnancy drug, and Sheila, Jen's punk rock best friend. When Jen begins an affair with a religious anti-abortion activist who protests her father's work, the whole family is caused to question their understandings of faith, morality, and family. These stories dovetail and these issues come to bear, close to home.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
By Rebecca Feldman, with music and lyrics by William Finn, produced with permission from Music Theatre International
Studio Theatre
Nov 30-Dec 4, 2016

What happens when six unique middle schoolers come together to compete in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee? Well, it's pure pandemonium! Spelling Bee follows our six spellers as they face the triumphs and tribulations of moving through adolescence. With a hilariously unforgettable score and plenty of juice boxes to go around, this musical is sure to have you on the edge of your seat as you cheer for your favorite quirky speller!

-this will change-
By Kayla Girdner
Slotted Workshop
Studio Theatre
Jan 26-28, 2017

This show asks what the transformation of personal truths would look like if translated into a fairy tale. Using creative and metaphorical design elements in a series of vignettes and sculpted moments to visualize the landscape of personal identity and its journey throughout a lifetime.

Everybody Knows the Moon is Blue
By Sofia Anastasia and Lisette Medina
Main Stage Theatre
Feb 24-26 and Mar. 2-4, 2017

En la isla del encanto, magic seeps from the ground and into the veins of every living thing. Under a blue moon, roving bands of witches and femmes dedicate their lives to protecting each other at any cost, and flowering trees stand guard over all who seek shelter under their verdant canopies. 

Seedling Productions in collaboration with Hampshire College Theatre Presents:
The New Canadian Kid

Main Stage Theatre
Apr 6-9, 2017

Nick, a child from an imaginary country called Homeland moves to a new country with their family. They grapple with the changes of immigration--learning a new culture and language, making friends, and dealing with discrimination--while trying to maintain their cultural roots.

Div III Fest

Apr 19-23

This festival is a week-long presentation and celebration of work by Division III Theatre students, performed or presented in traditional and non-traditional spaces across campus.


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The Hampshire College Theatre Program produces work by students in venues all over the campus and the community at large.
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