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2017 Theater Performance

The Hampshire College Theatre Board is pleased to announce the 2017-18 Theatre Season. The year of theatre ahead explores community, memory and artistry, challenging our notions of identity and the individual. Through poetry, fabrication, storytelling, devising, comedy, music, and dance, these narratives and workshops charge us to witness and consider how trauma and strife are held by communities of healing, and where in between these lines there is room for laughter and awe. We welcome you to come explore these diverse themes and question their intersections through the inexplicable beauty of performance.

Along with the seven productions, workshops, and festivals listed below, the Hampshire College Theatre Program produces work by students in venues all over the campus and the community at large. Please check the website for announcements of additional student work throughout the year.

Natalie in Her Garden
By Olivia Dalmedo
Main Stage Theatre
Oct 17-22, 2017

Natalie in Her Garden is a magical-realist play about healing and finding community in the aftermath of trauma. Natalie, a woman who just left an abusive relationship, finds herself trapped in an icebox. In there she meets three other mysterious women. Together they look for ways to escape while trying to protect one another from the same fate.

Holding Memory
By Del Hanson
Theatre Lab, Studio Theatre 
Nov 3-5, 2017

An immersive gallery based on a devised design process that seeks to answer the question "how do objects hold and respond to memory?" This intimate theatrical project casts objects in place of actors to tell our stories in a uniquely tangible way.

Je Suis La!
By Fynta Sidime
Theatre Lab, Studio Theatre 
Nov 17-19, 2017

Fynta Sidime is mounting a performance created through a 10-week ensemble-based exploration of interviews she conducted over the past year. The piece explores portraits of woman artists from different parts of the world and their stories of home and family.

Division III Theatre Fete
Main Stage Theatre
Nov 30-Dec 3, 2017

A series of narratives, workshops, and performances featuring the work of Division III students, held in collaboration of artistic exploration. A multi-medium celebration of work across music, dialogue, design, movement, community and more. 

Devising Across Disciplines
By Ezekiel Baskin
Community Share, Studio Theatre 
Jan 21-22, 2018

In the dead of winter, a lighting designer, a dancer, a poet, and a photographer walk into an empty theater. What can they make together, and how can they make it? A two-week skillshare/intensive focused on exploring and discovering how to collaborate across a wide range of disciplines. This intensive is centered on process, play, and experimentation, with no aim to create a final product or performance. Open to all kinds of artists and makers.

Choose Your Own
By Nat Gilsdorf and Al Simard 
Main Stage Theatre
Feb 27-Mar 4, 2018

A devised, improvised, scenario-based show that’s different every night. What does that mean? Well, the show's story line is in your hands! Come to Choose Your Own and, really, choose your own! With the help of you, the audience, our actors will go into the scenes that you choose. Come one night, and another night. It will be a whole new experience!

The Hunger...A Radical Sunrise
By Forrest Locklear 
Main Stage Theatre
Apr 5-8, 2018

"Home to the land from which I came. Stamped on my skin. And Finally healing from within... I tell you. I see you. I am you. I praise." A Visual Concert Event, touching on race, gender, and sexuality. Exploring personal stories and stories of the ancestors. From acoustic sets to spoken word, projection, and lighting play to a high-energy dance break, working to execute compelling, eye-opening stories through poetry, live vocals/lyrics, and choreographed movement..."Not once. Not Twice. An everlasting life. A constant. In motion. An everlasting devotion..."

Division III Festival
Main Stage Theatre, Studio Theatre, Red Barn, Library Gallery, Centrum Gallery 
Apr 18-26, 2018

This year's festival features thirteen different pieces performed or presented in thirty performances at six different venues across Hampshire College. Join us to celebrate the work of these Division III students through the magic of theatre.









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The Hampshire College Theatre Program produces work by students in venues all over the campus and the community at large.
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