VPN Policy

Virtual Private Networking or VPN is a method of connecting users who are not physically on the College's campus with the Hampshire College data network. Users can access and work with campus-provided services from any remote location that provides Internet access and does not block VPN traffic.

Who May Use VPN

Any current Hampshire College employee or student with a Hampshire College account may use VPN. Employees of the College may use duovpn.hampshire.edu and students may use studentvpn.hampshire.edu, which mirrors the access level to our network of the on-campus student networks.

Security of Computers and Data

Remote user-owned computers connected to the College's VPN service become an extension of the College's network and in turn provide access to that network. They are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to on-campus access, and especially those concerning data security.

VPN users will be automatically disconnected from Hampshire College's network after sixty minutes of inactivity. The user must then log in again to reconnect to the network.

VPN Installation

Hampshire College employees and students may set up VPN on their computers or mobile devices by following these instructions. Access from Android devices is currently not supported and may or may not function properly.

Internet Access

VPN use from any remote location requires Internet access. The user is responsible for arranging for that access and its associated costs.