Occupational Wellness

Wellness Wheel

Occupational Wellness is aligning your work and career path with your personal values to contribute your unique gifts, skills, and talents to endeavors that are both personally meaningful and rewarding. Occupationally healthy people seek out resources to educate themselves on finances and strive to live within their means.

Expressions of Occupational Wellness

  • Engaging in work you find motivating and interesting.
  • Integrating leisure time into your daily schedule.
  • Choosing a career path which is consistent with your values and beliefs.
  • Feeling inspired and challenged by your work and academics.
  • Managing finances and budget to achieve your personal goals.

Campus Resources:


Career Options Resource Center
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At the Career Options Resource Center (CORC), we work with you to help you fuse your intellectual passions and creativity into an employment or life path that is as fulfilling to you as it is necessary in the world.
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