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Students in Red Barn presenting their Div III

A Sampling of Alumni Careers in Health/Medicine and Related Fields

Joe Amon 87F: director of the health and human rights division at Human Rights Watch in New York

Evelyn A. Barnum 72F: CEO of the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut

Robin J.R. Blatt 76S: adjunct lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health and publisher of The Journal of BioLaw and Business

Barri Blauvelt 70F: CEO and founder of Innovara, a global healthcare leadership development firm

Russ Bowman 78F: medical director at a Frontier Extended Stay Clinic in Alaska

Dr. Miriam Cremer 87F: president and founder of Basic Health International, a leading voice in the fight to eradicate cervical cancer in El Salvador; assistant director of family planning in the department of OB/GYN at NYU Medical Center

Dr. Njeri Cruse 88F: chief veterinarian for New York City Animal Care and Control, which rescues an estimated 43,000 animals each year

Dr. Vanessa Northington Gamble 70F: medical humanities professor at George Washington University; honored in 2009 with a Women Leaders in Medicine Award from the American Medical Student Association

Walter Greenleaf 75S: research scientist specializing in neuro and cognitive rehabilitation, viewed as a founder of the medical virtual reality field; cofounder of InWorld Solutions, a leader in the application of virtual environments for treatment of a wide range of neuromuscular, cognitive, and behavioral disorders; founder and CEO at Greenleaf Medical Systems

Dr. Jean-Pierre Jaffrezou 81F: cancer researcher with the Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique in Toulouse, France

Kathy Kelley 77F: private practice as a family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, previously a community health nurse

Dr. Kim Saal 70F: chief of cardiology , Mount Auburn Cardiology Associates

Neil Segil 71F: executive vice president of research, House Ear Institute, researching causes of hearing loss and improvement of rehabilitation tools

Dr. Stephen Tapscott 71S: director, Tapscott Lab, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center; professor of neurology, University of Washington Medical School

Dr. Ruberto Tuchman 73F: child neurologist and leading expert on autism, founder of the Dan Marino Center of the Miami Children's Hospital, a comprehensive treatment center for children with developmental disorders

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